John Tyler•


March 29, 1790
Charles City County, Virginia


January 18, 1862,
Richmond, VA

Library/Museum/Places of Interest:

John Tyler Papers
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave SE
Washington, DC

Sherwood Forest Plantation (John Tyler’s Home)
14501 John Tyler Memorial Highway
Charles City County, Virginia


Library of Congress Website John Tyler papers online

Sherwood Forest John Tyler’s Home

Sherwood Forest (National Parks Service)John Tyler’s Home Website

  • Note: President John Tyler was the only president not honored by the US government at the time of his death. This is because he died as a Confederate Congressman in 1862. He is also the only president elected to office by a foreign government and because he was buried draped in the confederate flag he is the only president not buried with an American flag over his coffin.

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